FRIDAY, MAY 3, 2019

07:00 Registration (Muffins & Coffee) Chairs – James McCormack and Mike Allan  

Pearls of Wisdom

08:00 Welcome Robert Rangno
08:05 Treatments that really work, and what we mean by work Mike Allan and James McCormack
09:00 Questions
09:10 Fatty liver and LFTs – evaluating foie gras Mike Kolber
09:30 "In lab tests we trust" but should we? Daniel Holmes
09:50 Diving for evidence pearls for common medical conditions James McCormack
10:10 Questions
10:20 Refreshment Break  

String Together the Pearls

10:40 Gouty pearls – irate about urate Kam Shojania
11:00 Pain tools – smoothing out the irritants Mike Allan
11:20 Questions  
11:30 So many pearls monitoring for biologics, polymyalgia rheumatic and trigger points Kam Shojania
11:50 Opioids lose their lustre Tina Korownyk
12:00 Questions  
12:10 Lunch  

Pearls of Joy

13:00 Removing the pressure of treating blood pressure in the elderly Rita McCracken
13:20 Pearls that new Mums need to know about Adrienne Lindblad
13:40 Real vs cultured vs fake pearls – figuring out what medical media messages are real James McCormack
14:00 Questions  
14:20 Refreshment Break  

Rare Black Pearls

14:40 COPD – many puffers but few pearls Janice Leung
15:00 Pearls for incorporating evidence into practice Ricky Turgeon
15:20 Alzheimer's – can we open up the shell a bit Tina Korownyk
15:40 Questions  
16:00 Adjourn  


07:30 Registration (Coffee & Muffins)
Chairs – James McCormack and Mike Allan

Pearl Harbour

08:30 Aspirin: is it a real or a fake pearl Ken Gin
08:50 What to do about irritating results from the Holter monitor Ken Gin
09:10 Strokes and pearls for how to prevent them Peter Loewen
09:30 Questions  
09:50 Refreshment Break  

Hidden Gems

10:10 ADHD – cracking open the evidence Adrienne Lindblad
10:30 Toe fungus – nailing down the pearls Gillian de Gannes
10:50 Questions  
11:10 Top 5 studies from the last year Mike Allan
11:30 Questions  
11:50 Lunch  

Don't Cast your Pearls Before Swine

12:40 The new zoster vaccine – is it a more valuable pearl? Will Connors
13:00 Asthma – many puffers and more pearls Mark FitzGerald
13:20 New pearls for your GI tract Mike Kolber
13:40 Questions  
13:50 Putting all the clinical pearls together on a necklace The Gang plus the Audience
15:00 The World is Now your Oyster – Go Forth and be Irritating